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Tuesday, April 07, 2020
The Black Dragon Pirate Cruises

The Black Dragon Pirate Ship
is a modern day replica of a 17th Century Galleon. Below the water line, she is a modern sea worthy vessel with the latest marine technology, but above the water, she is a trip back in time. To a place where the likes of Jean Lafitte sailed the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna Madre making port right here in Port Isabel. Legend has it that Lafitte took refuge in this area and dug a well in Laguna Vista. Local ranchers formed business alliances with pirates who sailed their contraband between the Rio Grande and Corpus Christi. Now you can sail the same waters with Black Dragon Cruises.

All cruises include a crew of professional Pirates entertaining with Pirate stories, face painting, treasure hunt, water pistol battle, sword fighting, booty, music and loads of family fun for ALL ages!

Available for purchase on the ship: sodas, snacks, beer, wine, and our own special Black Dragon Grog. The covered onshore outdoor Black Jack's Galley is available for all special events. Capacity approx. 200. Catered meals to fit your budget available upon request.

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Her Facts
  • 75 feet long; 20 foot beam
  • Weighs 80 gross tons
  • The tallest of her four masts extends 57 feet above the waterline, or, roughly the height of a five story building
  • Top speed of 12 knots; Cruises at 8 knots.
  • Cruising capability of over 3000 nautical miles
  • Four decks of adventure
  • Modern men’s and women’s restrooms (heads)

She mounts 10 “cannons,” fired by computer with a full range of visual and audio effects. When her cannons roar, you’ll think you’re in the middle of a 17th century naval battle. Due to her galleon hull configuration, Black Dragon is “sea sweet” and rides like a luxury liner, but she is so nimble, she can turn on her own radius. She can actually execute a 360 degree turn with her mainmast fixed to a position.

Although she will seldom venture out of sight of land, Black Dragon is equipped with state of the art navigational electronics including radar, sonar and a very sophisticated GPS system.

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